Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Amazing Six

Yamila, Yamila! The beautiful Yamila Gonzalez of 'Yamila Gonzalez...justi... por su gracia.' thoughtfully tagged me for, "The 6 Things That Makes You Happy" and here is a little insight about me:

*note that these are in no circumstance in order of importance/higher value
*because there is just so many things that make me happy, the six i'm listing are things that are currently circulating in my little head of mine
*i'm making a desperate attempt to share something that isn't predictable of me(haha)

#1: Funny that I start off with something as unusual as this, but I recently discovered this book again in a dissholved little corner of my room and began re-reading it again. Anthony Burgess is so talented, yes 'A Clockwork Orange' is really dark and horrifying but it holds deep insights in this complex world of ours. It makes me happy to think that nothing is perfect in this world as much as everyone is trying to make it out to be. Of course it did catch Andy Warhol's eye, come on...

#2: It's amusing that Greece makes me so unbelievably happy and I have yet to travel there. Nevertheless, it's has and always remain as my number one destination for me. I love the culture, the isles and the beautiful ocean, the food, the people, the structures and history. It's just all too stunning to me.

#3: Ryan Adams...need I say more?

#4: I once told myself that I would marry someone who would make me a falling garden. I wasn't lying. This beautiful piece was created by the artists GERDA STEINER & JÖRG LENZLINGER who amazingly developed,

this in the San Staë church on the Canale Grande50th Biennial of Venice, 2003

and this in Abbey Library of St.Gall, 2005

#5: Very childish, and playful but a big happiness of mine is just enjoying the many beauties of nature. Picking flowers, running in grass and absorbing the glorious sunlight just puts a smile on my face any day.

#6: I am so very happy to announce my last 'happy' thing, Carla Venticinque [Home * Carla Venticinque] is a truely talented artist. Her collages are so brilliant and breath-taking, everyone needs to enjoy her art!

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I am tagging:

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Thanks again so much Yamila! I had fun blogging about these :) PS, i'm not too sure how this works...the 6 people that I tagged, i'll notify you!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. great post! :) thanks for stopping by

  2. Thank you sooo much! I promise I'll post about this soon :D

  3. Thanks for the tag dear, I loved the falling garden. I didn't know about it, it's amazing I wish I could see it in real

  4. Wow, I love it. I love the hanging garden! I have never seen one. Also Ryan Adams, eh? What do yu think of his engagement to miss Mandy Moore? I love The Dead too. I am seeing them in excited.

  5. well... i like all!!!
    Great pictures!! I loved the falling garden!!
    is all very artist... so: i loved it!


  6. yeah i'd love to visit greece too n no u dnt need to say a word abt ryan :oD.. love ur blog my first time here would sure track back as long as u ensure reciprocity :o)

  7. I really enjoyed reading (and watching!) your;re a little artist yourself:)

  8. You are so cute! I love how personal this is!

    and Ryan Adams-LOVE

    (DooderCity I didn't know he got engaged?!!)

    I loved this dollface!! it was beautiful!

  9. I love getting tagged! I've only gotten one other, but it makes me feel so great! Thank you so much!


  10. yay! my first tag
    've been so busy lately but i'll get right to it!

    and i love that falling garden you posted!

  11. So nice to get to know you better! I really enjoy tags like these. Earlier today a bought a Clockwork Orange. Just from your description i cannot wait to get started on it. And a wedding under a falling garden? That would make for an absolutely stunning day! You write with such beauty its really nice to see and renders me confused as to how to reply with an equally compelling message lol.

    Thankyou for the tag also. I'll get onto it as soon as i've finished with both my exams. EEP.

    Wiching you well.

    Eeli xx

  12. Picking flowers always makes me smile, and I adore Clockwork Orange :)

  13. i love finding out more about bloggers! =] happy valentine's day!

    La C.

  14. Thanx for dropping by n showing some love :oD hope to see u soon, i post daily :oD

  15. Love #2 & #5 most - thanks for sharing all this, and Happy Valentine's Day!


  16. Happy Valentine's Day! Clockwork Orange is so amazing and was ahead of its time...even if it was--and still is--shocking to some.

  17. what gorgeous images, GERDA STEINER & JÖRG LENZLINGER's works are amazing, thanks for sharing, :)

  18. i've been wanting to read a clockwork orange... maybe that'll be my next read.


  19. Oh, great post! I loved reading about these...I hope you get to visit Greece someday! I have similar feelings towards France-never been there, but am soo obsessed.
    And thank you for tagging me, I just did it! :) Still haven't decided who to tag yet...

  20. An amazing post! I have a deep sentimental crush on Clockwork Orange. All that random phonetic Russian interspersed throughout. Super!

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  22. Greece is so on my list of places to go - and I love a clockwork orange!

  23. Wow! you have a really cool blog here - a great variety of writing. Thanks for dropping by - hope to see you soon.

  24. I really like your blog:)

    I just became a follower!