Thursday, February 7, 2013

Next Big Purchase

I've been drooling over this iPhone Gramophone ever since it hit Restoration Hardware's site. It is everything I need in life (not really, but still amazing). It is modeled off of the classic 1800s gramophone speaker horn and updated to play any music our little Apple gadget desires. It runs on no power and its purely acoustic! I've research this product like a mad man and have heard how beautiful the sound is.  Can't wait to purchase this bad boy and try it out for myself!

Au Revoir, 2012!

When I sat down and reflected on 2012 I felt overwhelmed and understandably sentimental. The whole of last year was a milestone for me. Parts of it was spent abroad, meeting new faces, and moving into different cities. Other parts were spent trying to discover what I really wanted out of life, which brought me to the biggest highlight of the year: graduation! I often look to the future and spend most of my days planning and planning what to do next, but I felt a need to look back and see how this past year has blessed me with new friends, exciting adventures, and incredible opportunities.

Here is my 2012 (in a nutshell).