Wednesday, December 31, 2008

le changement

In my very long but interesting journey of restoring my bedroom, I came upon this wallpaper that I couldn't resist. It's getting there, I figured I would give an update. I do realize the the bedding doesn't match the room whatsoever. Till then, i'm still working on it.

I'm enjoying my break with friends.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

soirée d'une manière amusante

So tonight was a quite amusing. I really had no intention of ever leaving my house, and considering that I woke up super late (i'm not even going to say the time because it is so late that it is embarassing) that I figured everyone alreadly made plans. Then I realized that I had made plans to go to RockHarbor earlier the day before and that I was going to get picked up in only a half an hour. Little did I know that my friend was having car troubles (she locked herself out of her car ha) and I had quite enough time left. Long story short, I had to walk to where she was so we both could get picked up, and I was dressed really horribly. I was dressed in black leggings, a white tank, and a red plaid shirt with a brown belt. It wasn't my best outfit yet, but I guess it was ok because some complemented it. I love those accidental mishaps, they only come every so often. It ended with a really confusing twist of events. I was left stranded at a friend's house until someone who I didn't even know kindly took me home. Gee, what more randomness can I get into over this break?
So, I added a new photo to Lookbook. I love love this sweater. I did a really great day of thrift shopping at the local store. I truly miss going. I don't as much as I use to. Right now, i'm currently trying to fall asleep-I have a very long day ahead of me.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Well, I have a new addition to isn't getting much hype, i'm wondering if my mojo is deteriorating

I need to put a fresh look on my LB. I feel like it is so predictable these days for me. In addition, i'm not recording looks I have daily...something to work on.

we're oh so strange

I forgot to upload this hilariously random video at a gingerbread house-making party we had a few days ago in my previous blog. My friends never fail to make me laugh :) (WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS INCREDIBLY RANDOM)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Noël est terminé, avec reconnaissance

Well, it is 12:00 AM, and Christmas is officially over. Normally, this season brings a joy to my heart and an undescribable excitement-but this year things just don't seem the same. Maybe it is because i've grown up and I don't enjoy the same things as I use to, or maybe my first semester of college really did take a toll on me. Whatever the case, a new year is coming soon and i'm more than happy to welcome it. I'm in great need of a brand new change. I'm excited to embrace 2009, i'm hoping it'll be better than the last. I don't see why it wouldn't be. This year's Christmas was a bit different than last year's spent with my best friend. For the Christmas celebrations of this season, we travelled to San Diego, CA. There I attended two parties. One, with my mother-and our very close family friends. We enjoyed a tradtional Christmas dinner and exchanged gifts. What became a highlight of that night was enjoying their artwork (post above). On Christmas Day, once again I travelled to the same city-another two long hours on the road, to spend the day with my father and his family. We celebrated with the usual dinner, and catching up with our enormous family. All together the celebrations were as expected. Presents recieved the similar expectations. I had very little on my wishlist, just a new leather jacket and a few cute pairs of shoes(which I recieved from my mother). Other than that, I got the usual gift cards, money, and clothes. It has been a busy few couples of weeks and i'm excited to relax and enjoy the new year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Tonight was full of complete and utterly odd moments. We all went over to Sarah's for her big Christmas Party Bash. With the plans of this get-together being broadcasted since the end of summer, everyone knew about it and it had become the complete hype by the month of December got near. I headed down to her house with my BIFFIE and our other two friends at 7:30pm arriving early to help out (long story: where everyone was during our drive up) with the cooking. We got there and helped her finish the last touches to her dessert goods, and waited around aimlessly until the arrival of the rest of the group. About 30 people we're crammed into our friend's house that night. I felt a sense of contentment as well as unease because of the new additions to our tightly bounded group of friends. I immediately felt thrilled to see everyone home for the break, but felt like it was all to surreal. After lots of hugs and catching-up, we all took a ride to East Lake Village to look at Christmas lights-to some just wasn't the biggest highlight of the evening, then headed back towards her home to later meet more people and lounge around. It was quite an interesting evening. With the fall semester done, everyone seemed excited for break but a little less than normal to be fond of the reunion. With that said, i'm leaving with a photo of me and the lovely host :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

tres ridicule

My oh my.

Finally, my first semester of college is done and over. With massive study schedules and term papers, I reluctantly had put aside my development of my blog. Thankfully it is all behind me and I hope to get a decent grade point average for this fall and create a fair amount of postings.

As much as I enjoy the holidays as everyone else in the world, the stress and toll of college had somehow found a way to distract me from this merry month. Thanksgiving went by like a breeze and now Christmas is almost here-and i'm not prepared for it at all. The usual shopping that consist of my regulatory Christmas tradition is pretty intense and time-consuming. This year I really haven't been able to put my whole heart into buying gifts and making all my plans fall through. It saddens my heart, but i'm hoping for a christmas miracle!

So far, i've developed only two ideas for some gifts of the season. One is for my mother, a beautiful drawing (i'm hoping to finsh by the day of) and a precious blouse for my best friend from Nordstrom. Two down, and many more to go...

This year has brought a different light to my wish list. We we're granted an abnormal ice-y cold weather here in Southern California, and with that said-I invested in developing my list with this year's warmest clothing. Winter wear, has been a huge favorite of mine throughout all the changing seasons, and i'm more than estatic to see what my presents have in store for me.