Friday, August 28, 2009

Le Fou

A photoshoot from earlier this summer slipped my mind. These are a few of the photographs taken by my dear friend for his portfolio (I believe these haven't been fully edited yet).

I hope you're all having a wonderful August!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I've become very good at neglecting my blog, i hope it changes.

Here is a major highlight of my summer that I feel compelled to share.

Earlier this month I became involved in a local ministry that focuses on the youth in underprivileged areas of Placentia, California. This experience really touched my heart.
The ministry pretty much consists of loving people who devote their time to be a mentor to kids. We hold fun events for them like, bible studies, trips to the beach, movie nights, and tutoring during the school year-all while trying to raise money to make a difference in the neighborhood which is slowly being rid of drugs and alcohol exposure to the youth. A lot of the kids I encountered on this new endeavor welcomed me with open arms and smiles. Its something I definitely see myself getting more involved in the future. Below are some photographs of a water day that we had during this summer.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the black house

This house defines the possibilities of art, and has definitely ranked on the list of my top 10 dream homes. Lately I've been fascinated by the beauty of architecture, and I've found myself on the web trying to map out my fantasy living space. This kindly gives you a small glimpse into what I like to call "chic-modernity". Calling all interior design enthusiasts, I'm looking for in a comfortable, stylish, and cozy home.

Skaters turned Interior Designers
the house of Jay Shapiro and Claire Bigbie- San Francisco, CA

photos via bloomerism