Saturday, December 20, 2008

tres ridicule

My oh my.

Finally, my first semester of college is done and over. With massive study schedules and term papers, I reluctantly had put aside my development of my blog. Thankfully it is all behind me and I hope to get a decent grade point average for this fall and create a fair amount of postings.

As much as I enjoy the holidays as everyone else in the world, the stress and toll of college had somehow found a way to distract me from this merry month. Thanksgiving went by like a breeze and now Christmas is almost here-and i'm not prepared for it at all. The usual shopping that consist of my regulatory Christmas tradition is pretty intense and time-consuming. This year I really haven't been able to put my whole heart into buying gifts and making all my plans fall through. It saddens my heart, but i'm hoping for a christmas miracle!

So far, i've developed only two ideas for some gifts of the season. One is for my mother, a beautiful drawing (i'm hoping to finsh by the day of) and a precious blouse for my best friend from Nordstrom. Two down, and many more to go...

This year has brought a different light to my wish list. We we're granted an abnormal ice-y cold weather here in Southern California, and with that said-I invested in developing my list with this year's warmest clothing. Winter wear, has been a huge favorite of mine throughout all the changing seasons, and i'm more than estatic to see what my presents have in store for me.

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