Sunday, December 28, 2008

soirée d'une manière amusante

So tonight was a quite amusing. I really had no intention of ever leaving my house, and considering that I woke up super late (i'm not even going to say the time because it is so late that it is embarassing) that I figured everyone alreadly made plans. Then I realized that I had made plans to go to RockHarbor earlier the day before and that I was going to get picked up in only a half an hour. Little did I know that my friend was having car troubles (she locked herself out of her car ha) and I had quite enough time left. Long story short, I had to walk to where she was so we both could get picked up, and I was dressed really horribly. I was dressed in black leggings, a white tank, and a red plaid shirt with a brown belt. It wasn't my best outfit yet, but I guess it was ok because some complemented it. I love those accidental mishaps, they only come every so often. It ended with a really confusing twist of events. I was left stranded at a friend's house until someone who I didn't even know kindly took me home. Gee, what more randomness can I get into over this break?

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  1. Hey babe, thanks for such a lovely comment. Visit me anytime... I love your blog.

    So stylish.

    Happy New Year.