Thursday, December 25, 2008

Noël est terminé, avec reconnaissance

Well, it is 12:00 AM, and Christmas is officially over. Normally, this season brings a joy to my heart and an undescribable excitement-but this year things just don't seem the same. Maybe it is because i've grown up and I don't enjoy the same things as I use to, or maybe my first semester of college really did take a toll on me. Whatever the case, a new year is coming soon and i'm more than happy to welcome it. I'm in great need of a brand new change. I'm excited to embrace 2009, i'm hoping it'll be better than the last. I don't see why it wouldn't be. This year's Christmas was a bit different than last year's spent with my best friend. For the Christmas celebrations of this season, we travelled to San Diego, CA. There I attended two parties. One, with my mother-and our very close family friends. We enjoyed a tradtional Christmas dinner and exchanged gifts. What became a highlight of that night was enjoying their artwork (post above). On Christmas Day, once again I travelled to the same city-another two long hours on the road, to spend the day with my father and his family. We celebrated with the usual dinner, and catching up with our enormous family. All together the celebrations were as expected. Presents recieved the similar expectations. I had very little on my wishlist, just a new leather jacket and a few cute pairs of shoes(which I recieved from my mother). Other than that, I got the usual gift cards, money, and clothes. It has been a busy few couples of weeks and i'm excited to relax and enjoy the new year.

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