Sunday, December 21, 2008


Tonight was full of complete and utterly odd moments. We all went over to Sarah's for her big Christmas Party Bash. With the plans of this get-together being broadcasted since the end of summer, everyone knew about it and it had become the complete hype by the month of December got near. I headed down to her house with my BIFFIE and our other two friends at 7:30pm arriving early to help out (long story: where everyone was during our drive up) with the cooking. We got there and helped her finish the last touches to her dessert goods, and waited around aimlessly until the arrival of the rest of the group. About 30 people we're crammed into our friend's house that night. I felt a sense of contentment as well as unease because of the new additions to our tightly bounded group of friends. I immediately felt thrilled to see everyone home for the break, but felt like it was all to surreal. After lots of hugs and catching-up, we all took a ride to East Lake Village to look at Christmas lights-to some just wasn't the biggest highlight of the evening, then headed back towards her home to later meet more people and lounge around. It was quite an interesting evening. With the fall semester done, everyone seemed excited for break but a little less than normal to be fond of the reunion. With that said, i'm leaving with a photo of me and the lovely host :)

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