Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Aftermath

So today I cut my hair.
I walked into the salon for a "slight trim, more layers, same length!!"
I left the salon with 5 INCHES cut off :/
It's quit the depressing situation, but I'm trying to make the most of it.
(P.S. Note that the above photograph doesn't necessarily show the actual length of my hair, it's tied back in a hideous ponytail)

I have a big Induction Dinner for Phi Theta Kappa, and I'll be honest...I'm kinda worried on making my hair situation resolved. Please pray for me!! On the bright side, my friend has decided to lend me her precious Armani dress to wear tomorrow-let's all just hope it'll counter balance my lack of hair style (ha).

I MUST be on a concert/show streak these days! Today (or should I say yesterday?) I saw Judgement Day, Black Kids, and Mates of State :) it was a wonderful show!! Of course I opted to purchase the tickets for this event only for the classic performance of the amazing duo Kori and Jason. The two cannot be anymore wonderful. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera to capture the performance (it is quite a big dilemma considering I couldn't find my charger :/). I only left the venue that night with a few poor quality photographs of them on my phone and the memory of such an epic performance-I think I did pretty well!

By the way, just to make ya'll jealous....I just found out that I'm going to be seeing Animal Collective next month-wooohooo!


  1. Lovely new haircut!


    really gorge with lovely smile:)

  3. Did you cut it yourself?! Wow you look soo cute I loved it

  4. I think you look amazing, so don't worry! You're the cutest!

  5. oh my goodness, you look so beautiful! Stop all your nay saying right now! I'm sure you will be the prettiest inductee of them all.

    Glad you're back for the moment...

  6. I am sure your hair looks amazing, but as an ex-hair dresser I don't understand how if you asked her for a trim, it came out so short! hmmm sometimes they just end up doing what they want. you have a beautiful face, no matter and i am sure you will rock it.

    good luck with the dinner!~

    i am not a huge animal collective fan (at least the new album) but i am super jealous you saw MATES OF STATE!! that is so sad about the camera!

  7. ah, i hate it when im not happy with the haircut. it seems like one never actually likes a new cut at fist.. but i bet you'll get used to it- and it will grow out. youre looking cute anywaY! take care xx

  8. I like your hair!!! But I would die if they cut mine so much right now. It's so freakin' long I'll be able to sit on it pretty soon haha.

    I got into Phi Theta Kappa, too!!! But I wasn't sure whether to go ahead and pay the fee and all that stuff... Maybe now I will :P

  9. I think you look really cute! nice haircut!

  10. You're silly woman! It looks adorable, and if you can still put it in a ponytail thats good news!! UNBEWEAVABLE :)


  11. You could wear a completely fierce hat or headband, maybe? To distract? Hahaha. Or a loose updo with bits of the fringe coming down?

    Anyway I'm sure it's not as bad as you think! But i hate it when that sort of stuff happens to me.

  12. your new hair looks absolutely amazing, so fab!! :)

  13. I am liking your new hair coupe a lot, tho!
    And oh oh oh man oh man, how jealous I am if you gonna see the BLACK KIDS!!!!!!!

  14. ieah, it was a really brave thing to do :)

  15. I still think you look ridiculously hot.

  16. oh hair cuts are the best! good on you for daring to dare! looking forward to seeing a proper pic of the new look!

    xxx bel