Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Scoop

Bloggers i've missed you all! The ever so devious month of April has taken much of my blogging time with a heavy schedule. In a nut shell, I consumed the beginning of the month with finshing large assignments to get ready for my long overdue Spring Break. This year I took a trip up north to visit university campuses-which hopefully I will be transferring to in about a year or so. The following week after (this week) was the Jenny Lewis show (!!) and AS Elections at my college (which today I found out that I successfully won my position for, yay!). As most of you all know by now, I document most of my here's a little bit of a glimspe into what I was up to! Enjoy :)

A short description: we all took roughly about a 7 hour drive up north leaving the comforts of our Orange County homes and embarked on an adventure to the Bay Area. Here are the schools we visited: UC Davis, San Francisco State, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and Monterey Bay State

The famous City Lights Bookstore which sadly closed down

A few photos of one of the many cool rooms in one of the many libraries at Berkeley

Some cool artwork we saw at San Fran State

APRIL 13, 2009
As many of my friends know, I have the biggest girl crush on Jenny Lewis and upon buying the tickets to her show (only because I am NOT seeing her at Coachella this weekend-DON'T ASK ME WHY!! sad story) I could not contain my excitement, which most of ya'll probably won't blame me for :)
The show was everything I hoped for, aside from me meeting her part...none of us we're lucky enough :/
Other than that, she put on an AMAZING EPIC performance. All of us that night were lucky enough to view her documentary (which will soon be release to the public I believe) of the making of Acid Tongue. The opening band was Dawes, which by the way wasn't too bad! According to Tori, "I think they are a mix of Fleet Foxes and Ryan Adams." I don't know, you all can decide for yourselves:

Some milestone moments:
1. was watching the audiences' reaction to Jenny playing "Godspeed" which she dedicated to all the women, one of which actually cried during the song
2. watching Jenny and Jonathan Rice cover "Love Hurts"-wonderful
3. lastly, nothing beats seeing them all perform "The Next Messiah", such an epic song!


  1. welcome back!!
    u have been doing loads of fun things!
    congrats for winning the election+lovley pics!

  2. awww...that looks like it was sooo much fun! Glad you're back!

  3. It looks like you had fun and that trip sounds awesome. I haven't heard or read anything of City Lights Book closing sad if it's true.

  4. glad you are back. and you sure visited some killer campuses. i am from nor cal, so i know those places. :)

  5. cool blog. looks fun.
    visit me sometime
    care for exchange links? it would be soooo great. have a lovely day!. btw great pictures.

  6. Welcome back little star! :)
    Missed U!


  7. Oh it looks like you had sooo much fun!

  8. wooohoo bay area! i'm so glad you had fun :D

  9. Jenny Lewis?????!!!!!! OMG I am so jealous!!!

    Wow lady you've been a busy fabulous bee! Awesome post!!

    I've missed you too!! What else is new love?!

  10. How fun!!!

    Hub went to SF state and loved his experience there.

  11. Haha, that's awesome - I went on a college tour over spring break to some of those campuses too :) Sounds like you had fun!

    xo, Kate

  12. CITY LIGHTS CLOSED DOWN!!????? WHYYYYY? Oh my God, whyyyyyy!!!??? I'm almost on the verge of tears here, that is my favorite bookstore in the whole world! Ahhh, shitty economy, now I'm pissed :'(

    I honestly can't believe it :'(