Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Attempt

Lately i've really been spending too much time on Bona Drag, and it is definitely NOT good! Everything is completely out of my price range. I've been contemplating whether or not to buy this super cute 'hug me tight' necklace, but then I decided to turn it into a DIY project!

Apparent Hannah Sider had the same idea...

I hope mine turns out as good as this one! I haven't done anything like this for awhile, let alone making a jewelry piece...but we'll see! Here's hoping :)

P.S. The lovely Jules of Candy Hearts gave me this wonderful award:

This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. Check up on these writers!The rules are: This blog award should be sent to your favorite eight bloggers and they, in turn should forward to eight of their favorites. You should include the text for Proximidade (above) in your announcement blog.
I'm tagging:
because you all actually take the time out of your day to read my blog and leave beautiful comments that make my day so worthwhile!


  1. awwww, thanks so much! This is so wonderful coming from one of my very favorite blogs! Congratulations, you more than deserve it!

    I can't wait to see what you come up with on the diy...such an interesting piece!

  2. Aww, your so kind Connie! I wonder whom I will tag ;) Hihi! And that piece of jewelery is fab!

    Hugs and kisses

  3. And by the way- the song by Iron and Wine is the most beautiful song ever! :)

  4. Connie, you're like the sweetest thing ever! i so appreciate that, you don't even understand what i've wrote there, and you still like my blog.
    thankyouthankyouthankyou, love!

  5. I like it! you could probably make it though!

  6. Can't wait to see your DIY (:

    I went to Santa Ana High. Where did you go?

  7. oh my gosh - I totally saw that body chain on the blog Butterfly Kisses and made one too! It turned out really cool! I love it with the black, but I made mine out of really fine silver chain so it's a daintier version...I might have to make a tougher looking one.


  8. what a cool (and boobie emphasizing!) necklace!!!

  9. Aw, this post reminded me of how I used to make my own necklaces and bracelets all the time back in the day... maybe I should go back to that.

    Show us how the necklace comes along, hope the results are great! :D

  10. wow
    that necklace is amazing i love it!

  11. I think this will be a great DIY!

  12. Thank you so much for the tag :)

    Awwww, I love Bona Drag too but I can't afford a thing really. The necklace is super cool, can't wait to see the diy version. xx

  13. Completely DIY'able. Surely you can get multi-chained long necklace from a chain store and just bung it on? I've got a perfect candidate from Diva.

  14. WOW THANK YOUU!!thats really sweeet from you
    do i just post that pic on my next post and then what do i have to write(sorry this is the first time i got an award)haha
    &&i will check these artists out
    &&&i cant wait to see that DIY necklace
    ,,why dont u do a "how to do it by stes" post?that would be cool

  15. Good luck! I seems like a great project. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  16. Can't wait to see your DIY!
    I find them more gratifying than actually purchasing the product sometimes xD

  17. Hey can't wait this DIY! It's a great idea good luck

  18. oh, by the way...
    for the sweet tag! I always love getting them! You're a gem.


  19. Woahh am totally loving that necklace!! =DD Wow and it's the first time I've come across Hannah Sider too! Am really interested to check out more of her fantastic looks...

    Congrats on the award! =D