Friday, January 18, 2013

Fresh Beginnings

A new year and a fresh blank page. I've debate for awhile now, trying to decide whether or not to get back to the blogosphere world that had consume up most of my adolescent years! It wasn't until recently when I visited back on this page that I realized how much I've missed it and more importantly, how I've changed. So in my nostalgic love for this humble site I bring my blog back to life, purging it of old clutter and beginning it in a sort of pseudo tribute to the beloved American expat writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and the love of his life, Zelda Sayre- their complicated but passionate relationship has given inspiration to several of his works. In the spirit of the forthcoming Gatsby film, I've been re-reading a lot of Fitzgerald's novels and have fallen madly for them all over again. They lived the most amazing lives - not to say that it wasn't without fault. I hope to live my life with as much passion as they did.

So with a new- kinda old, blog I am continuing my random musings on life, fashion, beauty, music, and everything in between. Here's to the first entry of the year!

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