Saturday, August 1, 2009

the black house

This house defines the possibilities of art, and has definitely ranked on the list of my top 10 dream homes. Lately I've been fascinated by the beauty of architecture, and I've found myself on the web trying to map out my fantasy living space. This kindly gives you a small glimpse into what I like to call "chic-modernity". Calling all interior design enthusiasts, I'm looking for in a comfortable, stylish, and cozy home.

Skaters turned Interior Designers
the house of Jay Shapiro and Claire Bigbie- San Francisco, CA

photos via bloomerism


  1. The kitchen is really great!


  2. It looks amazing! :D How great it would be to have a house like that...

  3. yeah the kitchen is probably my favorite room in the house

  4. Oh Connie!! This house is unbelievable!! oh God, i liked the photos, the first one is amazing. I'm totally in love: the last one, the space is so nice.

    (my english is horrible ,hope you understand me...hhahaa sorry!!)

  5. These pictures are really cute! :) I'm really into design too, it's so interesting.

  6. I love looking at designs of beautiful homes. I loved the last picture!