Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unusual Studies

Officially this week I will be starting summer. There was a minor mishap, but I settled things. By Wednesday I will FOR CERTAIN be free to roam beautiful beaches and travel to the many parts of California. I've been so busy, but I always found "time" to look at certain particular sites when I wasn't buried in my textbooks. (BELOW)

Everyone seems to be posting about Cobrasnake. Do I blame them? Hell no

Theses party photographs from awhile ago are especially some favorites from his extraordinary collection on the site:

Since I've been gone, I've also neglected my Bloglovin'. I'm definitely scared to see the number of "new posts" as would anyone, I'm sure haha. Since the merry summer days are arriving soon, I've slowly been inching towards filling out my calender. For the most part, I'll be spending most of my break at home here in Southern California. Surprisingly for me, I'm finding it to be actually a nice change. I'm use to traveling during my breaks, but I'm finding it pleasantly nice to get to relax at home. A bonus of living in such a great place during the summer is the live music that comes through the area. So far I've made plans to see:
- Animal Collective
- Death Cab For Cutie
- Andrew Bird
- Band of Horses
- Jenny Lewis (again)
- Kings of Leon
- Coldplay
- Copeland
- (et cetera)

By the way if you haven't heard, I joined Twitter. Follow me here.


  1. I love the first jacket! The cobra snake is a genius!

  2. Those are really cute fun pieces!

  3. Ooooh, fun pics! So 90's!


  4. I loved all these colours!

    So amazing post!!! ... Great job!
    God bless you, my darling!! ha.!

    Have a good week.

  5. of course i am 100% clueless and had never heard of cobrasnake before reading this post! thank you for bringing me to the land of the living. ha.

    and it is good to spend time in so. cal. i am on vacation this week and so far just chillin' at home. eventually i will get out and do stuff. at least, that is my theory. ahhahaha.

  6. wow....i love the rainbow jacket and the first jacket

  7. his photos are always fabulous!

    your calander looks like fun!

  8. I love the cobrasnake, obvi! And I love that theres a store too.

    Kings of Leon in Hollywood in August?!!! ME TOO, we need to meet up.

    Actually we need to have the monkey shake or whatever its called at the gypsy den asap.

    Tomorrow is your last day yayyyy!!! I looove you!! XO

  9. I've actually never been into the cobrasnake... it's not that I don't like it, but it just has never captivated me. And lucky you seeing all those shows! That's why I love NYC in the summer, FREE CONCERTS! Last year I saw one of the most popular Mexican singers in the world (Julieta Venegas) and paid $0. Good times :P

  10. Oooh love all the fun colorsss...such visual delights! Welcome to the Tweeter world darling...& have fun!

  11. Yes, the cobra snake makes some wild party pictures. One reason to go to LA. :D

    Glad you get some time to roam the beaches and be laidback.

  12. love cobrasnakepics. inspirational styleloadS,. i love how people play with fashion there.- makes it so much more fun. and all the yummie colours..
    have a great weekend sweetheart!
    take care
    xx ediot

  13. The buzz on Cobrasnake is insane...I can't wait to check out their site. I have been bit by the concert bug as well and since I just graduated and don't start a real job until next month...I will be living it up!

  14. I know I love cobrasnake. I actually posted some of these same pictures a while back too, lol!
    P.S. haha to Anonymous above!

  15. I'm in the same situation about almost being done with summer but next Wednesday it'll be official.

    I'm usually always in SoCal during the summer, but this time I get to travel! To NorCal, Seattle, and Montana. Yup.

    I saw Kings of Leon last week at Weenie Roast, they are freakin awesome. (;

    Fleetwood Mac this Saturday. Can't wait!

  16. I love his photos, He's really a great talent.

    I might be staying at home too this summer, that can be nice for a change!

    xxx Thaïs

  17. Such fun photos. I really want to see Jenny Lewis.

  18. Have a great summer!

    Great pics :)

  19. great photos and set!!
    cool outfits.